Read – Built-Factory (RBF) For Lease in GNP Yen Binh

Read – Built-Factory (RBF) For Lease in GNP Yen Binh
Phổ Yên, Thái Nguyên, Vietnam
For Lease/Rent 3.8$ /Sq. M/Month - Factory/Warehouse
2000 Sq. M to 20,000 Sq. M 2020 Year Built


  • I, Factories Information:1.1. Area
    • Total area: 76,703.2m2 including 28 factories in which:
    • 15 factories 1,900m2 – 2,700m2
    • 6 factories 3,000m2 – 5,000m2
    • 7 factories 2,000m2 – 3,000m2.

    1.2. Location: Yen Binh Industrial Park, Pho Yen district, Thai Nguyen province.

    • Hanoi city: 65 km.
    • Noibai Airport: 46km.
    • Cai Lan Seaport (Quang Ninh): 130km.
    • Lach Huyen Seaport (Hai Phong): 135km.
    • Samsung Thai Nguyen: 5km, Samsung Bac Ninh 48km.

    1.3. Infrastructure:

    ● Ready-Built-Factory (RBF) specifications:
    ● Factory height: 6.5-10m (from floor to roof), good ventilation
    ● Factory roof: Stainless metal sheet with 2 aluminum air bubble insulation layers and skylight
    ● Large, consecutive Canopy – Width: 4m, length: 129m, making better working condition & easily transporting goods
    ● Wall: 1.2m brick wall & ~ 8.8m stainless metal cladding on top
    ● Ventilation louvers: set up at both side of the factory
    ● Floor loading 2 tons/sqm floor loading with concrete hardener
    ● Electrical provision: 250 ~ 500 KVA 3-phase power per unit
    ● Fire protection system: fire sprinkler system, fire hose reels, hydrants & smoke detectors.
    Minimum contract:
    ● Preferential Industries
    ● Producing metal & plastic molds for cell phones & other electronic devices.
    ● Producing cell phones, tablets, digital cameras & cell phone spare parts.
    ● Producing electronic components.
    ● Producing automation equipment (for electronics and cellphones); Machining and assembly equipment for electronic components & cellphones spare parts.
    ● Manufacturing semiconductor & LCD devices.
    ● Mechanical machining for cellphones and other mobile devices.
    ● Clean industries, supporting industries, high-tech industries.

    II. Leasing price and Payment method:
    2.1.Leasing price:

    – Price 3.8$/m2/month (without VAT)
    – Security Deposit: 3 months rental fee

    2.2. Leasing term: Minimum 03 years
    2.3. Payment method:
    – 3 months in advance payment within the first 05 days of each payment term.
    – Security deposit:  Paying within 05 days after signing the contract.

    III. Other charges:
    3.1. Infrastructure management fee: Free
    3.2. Other:
    – Electricity: Sign the contract and pay for Thai Nguyen Electricity company to follow the price of EVN. The tenant will work with EVN to install the power station.

    – Water supplier and wastewater treatment: The tenant will sign a contract with Yen Binh Industrial Park’s Management.

    IV. Incentives policy
    – Business income tax: Free for 02 first year, discount 50% for the next 04 years.

    –Provided documents for applying for an Investment certificate and open business.

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